Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Escape the Rock: KublaCon 2012

In late 3049, the clans were on the march to conquer the Inner Sphere and ultimately Earth itself, but before the first wave jumped off, the clans has to tackle the periphery errants on the many worlds bordering the Inner Sphere. One such world was the cluster of asteroids known as the Rock near the Lyran/Draconis border in what was the Rim World’s Republic. The pirate band known as Ryan’s Rebels had taken over an abandoned mining outpost and was using it as a base for raiding the surrounding worlds. Also on the Rock was the formidable mercenary team known as the Kell Hounds in the employment of the Free Rasalhague Republic. They were hunting pirates as part of their contract. Unbeknownst to the Rebels or the Hounds, Clan Wolf had other designs.

The Wolf mechs quickly dropped on to the Rock and overwhelmed the Rebel mechs who quickly fed in terror at the site of the alien mechs…most were hunted down. In the confusion of the battle, the 3rd battalion of the first regiment of the Hounds came upon the battle and engaged the Clan Wolf mechs not realizing that the Hound’s mechs were woefully under gunned when compared to the clan mechs. They too were quickly overwhelmed but the bravery of their commanding officer allowed a few mechs to escape.
After mopping up what they thought were the last of the enemy mechs, Clan Wolf pulled their Elite Golden Keshik from the Rock and left a small garrison star at the Rebel’s base in order to garrison the world. Meanwhile, eight fleeing Rebels and 4 Hounds found themselves in a maze of spires hidden near the Rebel’s base.

Agreeing to a truce, the remaining Rebels and Hounds bided their time for the alien enemy to depart, but the hours turned into days and the days turned into weeks. With no provisions left and sensing there were only five mechs guarding the Rebel base, a plan was hatched to make a desperate assault on the base, rescue the captured dropship pilots and depart the base in the Rebel’s dropship. Once free of the Rock, the Rebels and Hounds would rendezvous with a hidden jumpship within the system.

The stage is set, twelve Inner Sphere mechs with an average weight of 58 tons vs. five clan Omni mechs with an average weight of 64 tons. Who will win?

So that is the ame planed this year's KublaCon. I hope to bring you pictures of the minis and terrain for the game soon. Take a look at my game link here. Thanks again for looking in.

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