Monday, March 19, 2012

Taking Inventory

In my last post after Kublacon, I mentioned that I would be searching for a new Battletech project, so that led me to take inventory of all of my Battletech miniatures (both complete and uncompleted), accessories (buildings, trees, etc.), and my interest in developing them into stand alone battles or campaigns.

I came up with several standalone battles and/or campaigns where multiple battles would be designed each affecting the next. In fact, I went a step further, I organized each miniature into units that were both logical tactically and factionally correct based on current cannon. Here is a working list of areas of interest based on available resources and in keeping with cannon (as much as conceivable) in date order:

1. 3049 The Rock: Clan Wolf hunts down the last elements of Ryan's Rebels and the 3rd Battalion of the 2nd Regiment of the The Kell Hounds.

2. 3050 Turtle Bay: A campaign built around Clan Smoke Jaguar's assault and pacification of Turtle Bay in the Draconis Combine culminating in the orbital bombardment of the world.

3. 3050 Twycross: The Second Battle of Twycross, the Kell Hounds, 10th Lyran Guards and 9th FedCom try to dislodge Clan Jade Falcon from the world leads to the first Inner Sphere Victory.

4. 3056 to 3060 Multinational Force: This one will stray a bit from cannon, but a smaller Multinational force (unlike the large one of Task Force Serpent) embarks on a search into the deep periphery for the location of the clan home worlds as various clan forces compete to destroy the intruders.

A. Assault on a way station: Desperate for supplies, the Inner Sphere force comes upon a well protected Clan Snow Raven Supply Base.

B. Being pursued by various clans: Outraged by the assault on the Raven way station, various clans take guesses at where the Inner Sphere force will go hoping to meet them in battle and eliminate the threat of the inner Sphere revealing the Clan Home Worlds.

C. Assault on Smoke Jaguar Pentagon world: After weathering multiple attempts by the Clans aimed at destroying the Multinational Force, the survivors make a desperate attempt to destroy the small garrison protecting a Clan Smoke Jaguar world.

5. 3060-3068 Solaris 7: Multiple games involving mechs made for the arenas of Solaris 7. "Big Money!, Big Prizes!, I love it!"

6. 3062-3085 Chaos March during the jihad: A lot less clearly defined then the above scenarios probably because I know less about the jihad then the clan invasion and I have had 20 more years to ponder the invasion. I suppose a campaign where really anything goes, attack and defend, raid, sell out, steal and protect. It will really be up to the players.

7. 3065 Periphery goose chase involving multiple pirates: I thought a small treasure hunting adventure involving small pirate lances on a desolate world would be interesting. Star League cache anyone...

8. 3067-3073 Searching for Nukes on Luthien during the Jihad: This could be a long campaign involving multiple factions with intrigue, shifting aliances, and finally nukes.

What would you like to see come to fruition? A long campaign on multiple worlds or a series of interconnected battles on the same world in a finite amount of time? How do you plan your campaigns? Your comments are deeply appreciated, Thanks again.


  1. Twycross.... Definitely Twycross.

    1. Thank you for your vote Anonymous. I was leaning to the Tycross campaign as I have at least enough clan mechs and Elementals that I could field two complete Trinarys of Jade Falcons. In addition, I have perhaps one battalion of Inner Sphere mechs and vehicles from that time frame

    2. Anonymous also said: The terrain should be pretty easy too. Big dust bowl.

      Also, I think it would be sweet to play a short scenario where Kai Allard Liao fends off some Elementals attacking a MASH unit, then goes into a canyon to detonate the charges.

  2. FYI- Just registered my game for Saturday, Its going to have two scenarios from the Final Reckoning supplement, mopping up the bossfights from the fleeing rogues of the Jihad.

    Will your game be Sunday? I like Luthien and Turtle Bay scenario's the best, (thats just my Kurita loyalty coming out)

    They are all good my man.
    Had a lot of fun last year....Man I gotta get my ass in gear. At least my mini's are painted....

  3. Bincho: welcome to the blog. I am going to host my game on Sunday. Your game sounds good. I just so happened to have read about the Reckoning supplement yesterday. Yeah, I have even less done (a few buildings), so the next 7 weeks will be very busy. See you at the con.