Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clan Cloud Cobra Star: Locust Remastered

This week I thought I would share with you one of my favorite mechs—The Locust. In this case The Locust IIC remastered by the clans. I prefer the classic Locust because it’s…well classic Battletech, but those are hard to come by now. One could use a helicopter as a scout, but “those things go down faster then a clanner on a third date!”quote. So when I saw that someone on eBay was selling five Locust IICs for a great price, I snatched them up. At around the same time I got a free bottle of Reaper paint that and I was itching to try out as most of my paints are Vallejo and wanted to compare the two brands. It was a dark blue-green that matched the mechs of Clan Cloud Cobra’s Delta Galaxy really well. I paired the Reaper sample up with Vallejo’s Royal Purple. Once I finished painting all of the mechs, applying decals, and sealing, I placed the mechs in a scratch built destroyed city that is built with Styrofoam, sandpaper, and lots of hot glue. I hope you enjoy the photos.


  1. The Locust, probably the best bang per buck in the game. I love them. I have six unseen versions painted up in House Marik colours, and a bunch more for conversion into the various variants, including the original BD Locusts and the first 3055 sculpt too.

    I'm a bit biased, but the Clan 2C variants are pretty whoop ass mechs to field ;-)

  2. Nice work, on the minis and the terrain too. One of these days I really need to get working on my "Plague of Locusts" unit (one of each variant!).

  3. Only one of each variant, some are worth having a brace or threesome of, at least IMNSHO ;-)

  4. Thank you for your comments guys. I really appreciate the positive comments. I think a “Plague of Locust” would be an awesome unit.

    I could see it now…The lord of some backwater periphery world uses the world’s only mech company comprised completely of Locust to keep minor nobles in line by threatening to unleash the “Plague of Locust” on the other noble’s cities. So the minor nobles ban together to hire a ragtag down-on-its-luck mech company to take on the plague. I know, a little one dimensional, but it could be built upon.

    Until later, cheers!