Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fresh Year

Wow! Has it been four months? I suck and time sure does fly by. My new job has been keeping me very busy and with the upswing in the use of brain power used to learn this new job, I have not felt as creative or motivated to paint or blog about it. That is not to say that I have not done anything.
I have been building and premiering many of my minis in anticipation of painting them. You can see them all laid out on my coffee table awaiting work. I have also reworked the game board for the Skondia battle by cutting up the board into manageable pieces that can more easily be transported to the game convention in May. Speaking of which, I signed up and have been confirmed for running the Skondia battle at the 2011 Kubla Con in Burlingame, California (near San Francisco) May 29th at 1000. You can see more details here and here. Finally, I have also managed to keep up on several of my favorite blogs regarding Battletech as well others in the game miniature community. You can check out several of my favorites here, here, here, & here. I especially love what Inrepose is doing with his Gruntz 15mm Science Fiction skirmish game and the board he is creating. I also have to point you to Klinktastic’s new website supporting the Battletech community. It’s really is a nicely laid out and attractive site. Ok, enough for now, let me take some photos of some of my completed work, so I can get those posted next week. Thank you for sticking around.


  1. Oh yes, that coffee table reminds me of my shelf of WIP models, not to mention those models that are maturing in boxes waiting the day when they get placed on the ongoing projects shelf.

    PS: thanks for the link, nice to know you enjoy reading my stuff. Same back at ya.

  2. I have listed listed you for the viral "Stylish Blogger Award", details here:

    Oh yeah, have this as well ;-)