Thursday, May 26, 2011

Clan Snow Raven R-teams

Hello, this week I’ve been getting ready for the up coming Kublacon and showing off my newly painted Clan Snow Raven R-team, but first, I want to say hi and welcome aboard to three new followers of Reinwood’s CBT Workbench. I really hope you enjoy my upcoming projects, reviews and photos.
First with the convention, in an unusual twist there are three Battletech games at the con. Usually there is only one large game run on Saturday, but this year, there is a smaller game on Friday night and my game Sunday morning. I hope the increase in games will not dwindle the available players. As for getting ready, I’m just about there, I just need to finish printing out some reference charts and packing the minis with foam so they don’t get damaged. It should be a good weekend, and I’ll be sure to give a good write-up Monday night when I get back to Sacramento. 
Now I would like to present a Clan Snow Raven R-team of Beta Galaxy: Storm Crow Galaxy. Wait, what’s an “R-team” you might ask. Well an R-team is a specialized Raven unit I ran across while reading Battletech Field Manual Warden Clans 1711. On page 123 under Unit Structure (chapter written by Chris Hartford and Michael Koennecke) there is a small blurb about R-teams. It seems because Clan Snow Raven experienced a lot of problems (getting nuked) when they formed and because they are very aerospace heavy, they have small teams that quickly scrounge the battlefield to recover salvage so they can maintan their small groung forces. the book states: 

Within select Snow Raven units are stars known as R-teams, which serve as reclamation units. An unusual hybrid of warriors and technicians, such units [are] comprise[d] of two Mechs, two Points of Elementals and a team of technicians. They are charged which securing battlefield salvage for the clan, often while under enemy fire. While the warrior contingent secures the area, the technician crews salvage any usable material. The R-team may then either call in appropriate transport vehicles to remove the isorla, or the unit’s Mechs can manhandle the equipment back to friendly lines (all R-team Mechs are equipped with hands and carry nets). The technicians attached to these teams are trained to defend themselves.

So I have a complete R-team finished as well as one of the vehicles they might call in to hull away salvage—an Anhur. I will have the other nine vehicles complete in the coming weeks. As for the R-team itself, it is comprised of one Viper (Dragonfly), one Mist Lynx (Koshi), two points of Elementals (laser and machine gun), and a team of technicians comprised of infantry from GHQ on one stand.

 Please enjoy the photos and let me here what you think of a unit like an R-team in Battletech and beyond into any Sci-fi or post-apocalyptic setting. Do you think it’s feasible? What other assets should they be using? What would be a good battle scenario to build around this unit and its accompanying non-combat units?


  1. Well it makes very good sense in the battletech universe. More so with the inner sphere but still holds true with the clans not wanting to waste anything.
    This is a fantastic blog keep it up and I hope all goes well with running the game and hope you get a many players and have a fun time:-)
    Question do you always base your elementals individually or base them 5 to a base?
    Cheers Matt

  2. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I always base my battle armor on individual washers and, until recently, pennies. I find the washers better because I can use a magnet sheet to hold them in place while transporting them. In addition, when one elemental goes down, I can simply pluck it from the game, so there is less confusion.

    As for Infantry, in the past, I would base large groups of infantry on one hex base, however, now I base three infantry per base to represent a squad. I find that it works out better tactically to break up a platoon and it saves me $1.50 per hex too.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    I agree with normal infantry it looked to busy I normally use about 5 figures.
    Cheers Matt

  4. A good post this, enjoyed the pictures of the R Team too, very neat work and you should feel well pleased with what you done here. Keep it up and as always enjoy what you do.