Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fourth Succession War: Skondia Part 8 - Radio Antenna

Hello again, I have a short post for you today. It concerns another item that will garnish the destroyer some victory points...at least for the units of the Legion of Vega. It's a radio antenna, and the Legion has been tasked in destroying it so as to hinder the Skondia Militia from organizing.

I bought it from a train hobby store and I tried to make it look like a much smaller version of the Tokyo Tower radio antenna in Japan. I remember a simmaler, much smaller one, near Sasebo Japan when I use to live there as well.



Here is a comparison to one of the Militia’s Chameleons to the antenna. I made the base from Miliput and flocked it with grass, rocks and bushes from Woodland Scenics.

And here is the destroyed version of the antenna. Its base is also made from Miliput and the structure of the antenna is made from bale wire.


  1. Gosh, going the extra mile with all the destroyed variants. Me, I would have used cotton wool, but I'm cheap like that. ;-)

  2. I would have used wool too, but I felt crafty one day. Thank you.