Monday, December 6, 2010

Fourth Succession War: Skondia Part 7 - VTOLs

In today's post, I will focus on the aircraft involved in the battle. First up are a pair of Warrior H-7C VTOLs fielded by the Skondia Militia. Notice that they have been modified to represent the long range missile versions of the Warrior by having their AC-2s removed and replaced with LRM-10s.




 Next up is the Boomerang Spotter Plane in the colors of the 14th Legion of Vega. In the battle for Skondia, this little unarmed vehicle will be calling in artillery fire from four Long Toms three kilometers away in support of the Draconis Combine mechs on the ground in the battle. This was a tough little bugger to put together...very small with multiple parts. I ended up fashioning my own polls to hold the small front wings, because what came with the miniature were too small and bent.

Lastly, the Karnov is a light cargo transport capable of hauling six tons of cargo. Like the Warrior helicopters above, this Karnov is part of the Skondia militia. I stayed with the colors of the militia (light blue with red and green highlights) with the exception of the desert flecktarn covering all of the aircraft’s upper surfaces. I thought that this break from the Lyran Commonwealth's color scheme could be explained by aircraft's current environment coupled with a temporary duty assignment with special operations...or something like that.

I almost forgot to show these photos off. Unfortunately for the Karnov, it is a target worth a lot of victory points to the Draconis Carbine force in the battle. So, suspecting that it will likely be destroyed, I made a destroyed version of the Karnov that can be placed on the tarmac as it was evacuating non-essential personnel from the base. Iron Wind Metals was so kind to send me a whole new Karnov model when I discovered that the one I had bought was missing several parts. So, with the extra parts, some metal flecks, plastic, and paint I made a destroyed version of the above model.

 Thank you again for looking in. I hope you are enjoyng the photos.


  1. Really lovely work, and I don't think you have to justify camo schemes in any shape or form.

  2. I have to agree with Ashley, you have a very good knack for hobbying. I don't even know if I could play with all that stuff, it looks too pretty.

    As a side note, what do you do with these battlefields after you finish? Got some storage space?

  3. Thank you for the great comments.
    Ashley: Thank you, I have been trying to stay true to the BT cannon for the units. I, however, will have two lances of mechs from Ryan’s Rebels finished next year, and they will be painted as I please. They are a pirate group with little regard for uniformity. I should have those done early next year.
    Klinktastic: Thank you for your encouragement and praise. I use to paint 1/35 scale models, so I approach all of my projects as if they are models rather than just a game pieces. So as for playing with them, I guess we just play as gently as possible. As for the game board, no I do not have any storage space. The other two-foot boards were easy to put away because of their size, but as for this behemoth, I will be moving it to a friend’s house for play. After that, I will probably donate it to my local hobby store which as a huge play, and it can be used for many other games.

  4. That's a lucky hobby store!

    Lovely terrain, great looking game - hope it's as fun to play :)