Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fourth Succession War: Skondia Part 2 - Forces

For this post, I would like to layout the units involved in the skirmish and establish each unit's affiliation, gunnery/piloting skill, and factor individual Battle Values and the force multiplier. All of the Battle Values are BV2 except the Long Toms and the infantry were just too confusing to calculate. The numbers I have are copied from other sources because the Long Tom's main weapon’s (the Long Tom) Battle Value is not listed in the Tactical Operations source book and the trailer rules are just too confusing. Besides, the artillery are off map, so I'll call it 532 each unless you guys out there can explain how to figure the correct BV or just tell me the number. As for the infantry, I did not want to be specific with their weapons, so I only designated them as either rifle or SRM and used some BV values I came across in the past. If you have better numbers, please let me know.

As it stands, it will be the Draconis Combine with a BV of 21,203 vs. the Lyran Commonwealth with a BV of 18,280—pretty close. Figuring the force multiplier, as found in Tactical Operations, the multiplier comes to 1.0634, so the Lyran BV value rises to 19,439 which is pretty close to even with the Combine force.

I'm not likely to change this roster as most of the units are painted, but please let me know your opinions and who has the advantage if any. I'm looking forward to your comments. I'll bring you photos of the units and bios of their commanders and mech pilots in future posts. I also want to take a moment and thank Taharqa's Corner for the fantastic name generator program which I used for some of the names, thank you.

I. Draconis Combine Forces: Independent Regiments (Medium/REG   BV:19,684)

   1. 14th Legion of Vega (Medium/REG   BV:21,203)

A. Regimental Battle Group: 2nd Artillery Platoon (Heavy/REG  BV:2128)
     a. Long Tom Artillery Piece: Lieutenant Omitsu Kazaryan       4/5     532
     b. Long Tom Artillery Piece                                                  4/5     532
     c. Long Tom Artillery Piece                                                  4/5     532
     d. Long Tom Artillery Piece                                                  4/5     532

B. Regimental Battle Group: Spotter Wing: Single Unit (Light/REG   BV:8)
     a. Boomerang Spotter Plane: Sergeant Charles Dahlhof       4/5           8

C. 3rd Battalion: Command Lance (Medium/REG   BV:5523)
     a. Dragon DRG-1N: Major Cho-yun Xi                             3/3     1755
     b. Trebuchet TBT-5N: MechWarrior Joe Vahtangov          4/4     1370
     c. Trebuchet TBT-5N: MechWarrior Arsenio Arellano       4/4     1370
     d. Cicada: CDA-2A: Talon Sergeant Kuemon Shini            3/3     1028

D. 3rd Battalion: Charlie Company: Command Lance (Medium/REG   BV:4612)
     a. Catapult CPLT-C1: Captain Nobuyoshi Imai                  3/3      2182
     b. Whitworth WTH-1: MechWarrior Deo Surapaneni         4/5        892
     c. Panther PNT-9R: MechWarrior Blair Mac Millan           4/5        769
     d. Panther PNT-9R: MechWarrior Daniel Mcintyre            4/5        769

E. 3rd Battalion: Charlie Company: Support Lance (Medium/REG   BV:4953)
     a. Griffin GRF-1N: Lieutenant Ed Kataoka                         3/3      1984
     b. Phoenix Hawk PXH-1: MechWarrior Francis Fanner     4/4      1197
     c. Clint CLNT-2-3T: MechWarrior Ted Ito                        4/4        886
     d. Vulcan VL-2T: MechWarrior Rajnish Sommath              3/4        886

F. 3rd Battalion: Charlie Company: Recon Lance (Light/REG   BV:3979)
     a. Assassin ASN-21: Lieutenant Taymullah Tabari              2/2       1468
     b. Jenner JR-7D: MechWarrior Kieran Farquhar                4/5         875
     c. Jenner JR-7D: MechWarrior Sean Ono                          4/5         875
     d. Spider SDR-5V: MechWarrior Alan Albright                 4/4         761

II. Lyran Commonwealth Forces: Sky Province Militia (Medium/REG   BV:18,280)

     1. Skondia Militia (Medium/REG   BV:17,706)

A. Skondia Militia Headquarters: Single Unit (Assault/VET   BV:2143)
     a. Zeus ZEU-6S: Colonel Mitch Freeman                           3/3       2143

B. 2nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment: RBG Air Support (Light/REG   BV:1442)
     a. Warrior H7-C: Staff Sergeant Joshua MacDerment        4/5          721
     b. Warrior H7-C: Sergeant Jun-seok Yi                             4/5          721

C. 2nd Mech. Inf. Reg.: RBG Reserve Air Transport (Light/REG   BV:19)
     a. Karnov UR Transport: Hauptmann Oscar Laundsen       4/5            19

D. 2nd Mech. Inf. Reg.: 1st Battalion: Command Platoon (Heavy/REG   BV:3732)
     a. Manticore: Hauptmann Alexander Murton                      4/5          933
     b. Manticore                                                                      4/5          933
     c. Demolisher                                                                    4/5           933
     d. Demolisher                                                                    4/5           933

E. 2nd Mech. Inf. Reg.: 1st Battalion: Alpha Company: 1st Platoon (Light/REG   BV:962)
     a. Scorpion: First Lieutenant Penn Einbund                         4/5           248
     b. Scorpion                                                                       4/5           248
     c. Scorpion                                                                        4/5          248
     d. Scorpion                                                                       4/5           248

F. 2nd Mech. Inf. Reg.: 1st Battalion: Bravo Company: 1st Platoon (Medium/REG   BV:1908)
     a. Goblin: Leutnant Bill Nazim                                           4/5             477
     b. Goblin                                                                          4/5             477
     c. Goblin                                                                          4/5             477
     d. Goblin                                                                          4/5             477

G. 2nd Mech. Inf. Reg.: 2nd Battalion: Alpha Company (FOOT/REG   BV:260)
     a. 1st Platoon (Rifle): First Lieutenant Fidelio Lingens        4/5               74
     b. 2nd Platoon (Rifle): Sergeant Major Ivan “Mack” Mackherdhuj 4/5  74
     c. 3rd Platoon (SRM): Sergeant Pengel Duba                   4/5             112

     2. Skondia Mech Piloting Academy (Medium/GRE   BV:7240)

A. 1st Ad Hoc Student Lance (Medium/GRE   BV:3376)
     a. Commando COM-2D: Hauptmann Breslin Woodard  3/3               844
     b. Chameleon CLN-7V: Ryushi Kikuchi                         6/6               844
     c. Chameleon CLN-7V: Ally Pendell                              6/6               844
     d. Chameleon CLN-7V: Harvey bin Zubair                    6/6                844

B. 2nd Ad Hoc Student Lance (Medium/GRE   BV:3864)
     a. Hatchetman HCT-3F: First Lieutenant Agata Furnes  3/3               1332
     b. Chameleon CLN-7V: Torgrim Halvorsen                  6/6                 844
     c. Chameleon CLN-7V: Kien Zhang                             6/6                 844
     d. Chameleon CLN-7V: Byron Crerar                          6/6                 844


  1. I really like the force lists. I'm wondering though, you only have 3 platoons of infantry, but you have 5 APCs, the Karnov and 4 Goblins. I would think that maybe make 5 infantry units, one for each would make a bit more sense. Especially since artillery deals double damage to infantry (or quad if in the open). Idk, let me know what you think.

  2. Its funny you should ask, I originally was going to make five platoons, but I soon found that Goblins only carry one squad each, so a lance of Goblins can only carry one platoon of foot infantry. The vehicles’ caring capacity doesn’t matter much anyway, because I supposed that many of the Lyran units in the skirmish would have originated form the small base that the Lyran force is organizing at. As for the Karnov Air Transport, It will be a secondary objective to be destroyed by the Combine units and protected by the Lyran units (more on that later) as it is loading non-combat personnel for use later in the defense of Skondia.
    Where are the rules that explain the artillery multipliers you spoke of vs. infantry? I have not come across it before. Thanks you for your insight and comments.

  3. I don't have the books available, but it seems that area of effect weapons do double damage to infantry. AOE rules are in Total Warfare. In Tac Ops, its says that strikes a hex does area of effect damage in that hex. Then you add in the double damage to infantry that is in open terrain.

    As far as the infantry platoons and squads go, thats pretty wierd that Goblins can only fit 7 guys per tank.

  4. Yeah, I agree that it is weird. I guess the Goblins are more of a tank then an APC. The infantry just augment the vehicle. In fact, I confirmed on the Solaris 7 site that only one ton was allocated to the infantry bay while on the other hand the Maxim Hover Transport allocates three tons to its infantry bay providing enough room for a platoon. So, a one ton infantry space could “theoretically” take 9 troops if a standard platoon is 28, but since standard squads, in the BT Universe, are seven troops that is what I settled on.
    As for the Karnov, it has a six ton cargo compartment, so I suppose it could fit two platoons of infantry. Perhaps it dropped two platoons off and then turned around and started loading up non-combat personnel (Intelligence, supply, operations, flight line personnel, etc.) to take them out of harms way that is why in the scenario, the Karnov will likely be worth victory points because of the personnel it will be evacuating especially the Intel and Ops folks.