Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CD Bridge Complete

Hello all, I’m still working on the destroyed city board, so I can’t bring you photos of my two Capellan Confederation Warrior House lances just yet. In the mean time, please enjoy these photos of a bridge I made. I used two CDs to form the base, glued several layers of foam board to make the earthen hills that lead to the bridge, and I used some hobby wood from Ace Hardware for the bridge itself. I then spread a generous helping of spackling and wood paste to round out the hills—keeping in mind that the hill had to have an incline that a typical car could climb (many bridges available online in 1/285 scale have too steep an incline to be realistic.

Anyway, once the paste dried, I glued in thin strips of sand paper for the road and sprinkled sand for gravel on the side of the road. I had seen sand paper used for roads by fellow modelers in the past. I then thoroughly primered the entire piece black and then painted it. I then gave it a dark brown wash and dry brushed it once the wash dried. Lastly, I installed several trees and some static grass, and I painted the yellow stripes on the road. I made sure to remember to make the stripe on the bridge without a break because one can’t see the oncoming traffic on account of the hill. I’m very happy with it; I can’t wait to use it in an up coming battle. In the photos, I included several buildings and cars—as well as a river—to give you an idea of scale and what it might look like on the game board.

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