Monday, August 23, 2010

The Lull Is Over

Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the lull in posts. I promise more in the future. I’ve just been in a bit of a funk, and I have not felt creative enough to post anything. I lost one of my painting buddies—my dog Roxy. She was a six year old Border collie mix. My wife and I will miss her quite a bit. We still have our 10 year old Siamese cat Mickey, so he has been keeping me company as I paint.

I recently played a 25mm/28mm battle at my local game store, Great Escape Games with some great guys that I had just met. I played four squads of nationalist troops in an alternate history scenario of the Second American Civil War some time in the 1930s. It seemed to be modeled on the Spanish Civil War with forces of the right and left forming like minded loose coalitions to fight each other. It is a good time frame, miniature wise, because one could easily use just about any miniature from WW1, WW2, and Pulp Fiction, so there is room to be creative and bring what you want to the table. At the start of the game there were perhaps 120 figures, 4 vehicles, a tank, a squad of horses, and 4 or 5 artillery pieces on the board. The rule system we used was Triumph & Tragedy. I had played it once before, so picking it up once again was a snap. It seems these guys have an ongoing campaign, so no one fought to the death and we were able to repel the attacking communists after crippling all of their artillery and vehicles and generally bogging them down with wounded men and morale penalties. They had enough and retreated to fight another day. Check out Triumph & Tragedy’s web site. It’s a pretty good fast pace rule set…just do not get attached to your men—it’s bloody. Alfrik at Armored Ink was one of the players at the game and he gives a full write-up with pictures.

So in my upcoming posts I will walk through the creation of another diorama board for photographing many of the mechs I have recently painted including an OTL-6D Ostsol from Iron Wind Metals which I will enter in a WAMP contest. I also completed two mech lances and two platoons of Fa Shih Battle Armor for Warrior Houses Lu Sann and Fujita. And finally, I will give a rundown of all of the buildings that I paint in addition to the dioramas that I have created.

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