Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long Tom Artllery Diorama Finished

Hello everyone. I finally got my artillery diorama finished depicting a small artillery contingent of the 14th Legion of Vega and it’s accompanying protection. As you may have read in my last post concerning this diorama, I still needed to paint the Partisan anti-aircraft tank and pour some resin in a small basin to create a pond. I think the whole thing came together real nice. I even made some accompanying infantry to ferret out any hidden ambushes this team may face once it moves out. Enjoy the pictures, and I promise to get you guys many more pictures of this diorama as well as other projects I’m working on once I get some more light to take proper non-yellowed photos. Thanks for looking in.

E-Z Water by Woodland Scenes works pretty well, its cheep, and it melts fast. Pour the amount you want and heat over stove top until melted. (I used an old tuna can and no, I'm not cooking crack). Once melted, pour over the place you want it and let it cool. It cooled fast; it went from liquid to solid in less the three minutes. And it was cool to the touch in less then an hour. Be sure to pour it quickly and don't make a mistake because it was very difficult to reheat on the board without damaging other things. I spilled a little and tried to correct it with a heat gun. But I ultimately just put a bush over the spill.

The Patisan takes a central position on a hill top to spot any potential threats.

Infantry of the Draconis Combine walk along the side of one of the Long Tom Artillery Tanks.

More pictures of the Team.

Profile of a Long Tom Artillery Tank.


  1. Very cool looking terrain.

    I haven't used the EZ Pour stuff before. When I needed water in the past I used the instant pour stuff. Do you know if the heat and pour stuff is better?

    As I remember, the instant pour took forever to set.


  2. I’m afraid I have not used the instant pour stuff, though I too have heard that the instant pour takes awhile to harden. The EZ pour hardened very fast—perhaps too fast. If you use it, I would recommend making sure all of the resin is completely melted and what you are going to pour on or into should be very close at hand.

    I hope that answered you question, good luck in your future modeling.

  3. Reinwood Here, I deleted Paint it Pink's comment by accident. Here it is:

    Anyway, I've used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water C1211, which is the poor on. I do poor, but then quickly use an old brush to spread the stuff, and keep it thin. Dries in a while, certainly quick enough to do two coats an evening. Looks good too.