Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fourth Succession War: Skondia Part 4 - Skirmish Rules

Whoa, it has been a busy month! Besides the holidays (Halloween, Veterans Day/ Armistice Day, and Thanksgiving) and my job change (I’m a G-man now), I’ve continued my work on the Skondia Battle. I’ve almost finished the board, painted all of the mechs and tanks, and completed the buildings. All I have left to do is to put the final touches on the board and complete some of the roads. The date for the battle is set for the 12th of December and I have at least six players though I would like to recruit two more.

In the coming weeks, I will showcase the completed items above, but in the mean time, take a look at the special rules and objectives for the battle below. Let me know what you think. As I stated in one of my previous posts, I did not want to host a battle where the only objective was to destroy the enemy. In this battle, destroying the enemy will only be one of the objectives. I also wanted a more realistic mechanism that forced severely damaged units out of the battle instead of fighting until the death. Since this is only a skirmish, I thought that that threshold should be easy to reach forcing players to play with more tactics then a strait-up grudge match. Finally, I wanted to reward good play, so I will reward one team with an actual award and one player from each side with a separate award for meeting another set of criteria. Take a look at those rules as well. Tell me what you think. I will touch on those again after the battle to let you know how they actually affected the battle.

Special Rules
Artillery: The 14th’s artillery gets four volleys for the first six rounds with each barrage directed to the same location each round. Each round, however, will get rolled individually to determine drift.

Initiative: Initiative is determined each round by drawing cards—Aces are highest while 2s are lowest. Modifiers for initiative are cumulative and are as follows:

     Team Modifiers: Loss of Operational Commander through destruction of unit or retreat.

           Kurita: Catapult -2 Initiative points
           Steiner: Zeus -2 Initiative points

     Player Modifiers: Loss of individual player’s commanders through destruction or retreat.

          Player 1: Catapult -1 Initiative point
          Player 2: Griffin -1 Initiative point
          Player 3: Assassin -1 Initiative point
          Player 4: Dragon -1 Initiative point
          Player 5: Commando -1 Initiative point
          Player 6: Hatchetman -1 Initiative point
          Player 7: Manticore #01 -1 Initiative point
          Player 8: Zeus -1 Initiative point

Retreat: Units will attempt to retreat off map if their individual damage potential falls below five points or if mechs sustain center torso internal damage and vehicles sustain any internal damage. In addition, the entire force, Kurita or Steiner, will be forced to retreat if their forces drop below 25% (Kurita 3 units & Steiner 6 Units). Finally, Kurita units retreat off the northern edge of the map and Steiner units retreat off the southern and lower southwestern side of the map.

Victory Conditions

Kurita: 5 point-Force enemy force to retreat
             3 point-Destroy 6 of 9 large buildings at the supply depot
             2 point-Destroy radio tower
             3 point-Destroy Skondia Militia’s command mech
             1 point-Each enemy mech destroyed
             1point-Destroy the Karnov Transport Aircraft
             ½ point-Each tank or helicopter destroyed
             1 point-Destroy complete infantry platoon
             30 Points Possible

Steiner: 5 point-Force enemy force to retreat
              5 point-Force attacker to reinforce with 3rd Battalion Command Lance
              3 point-Have eight mechs or tanks left at the end of the game to counter-attack
              2 point-Destroy 3rd Battalion’s Command mech
              1 point-Each enemy mech destroyed

              30 Points Possible

Determining Winning Team: Add up each side’s points and consult the chart. The winning team receives a prize.

     Team with Most Points: Tactical Victory
     Two Times More Points: Regional Victory
     Three Times more Points: Campaign Victory

Determining Winning individuals: Add up each individual player’s points. The player with the most points from each team, are winners and will receive a prize. Individual wins are scored as follows:

     ¾ point-Each surviving mech
     ½ point-Each surviving helicopter
     1/3 point-Each surviving infantry platoon
     ¼ point-Each surviving tank
     ¼ point-Each surviving air transport
     0 points-Each artillery or spotter plane (Not in direct battle)

*Ties are broken by least criticals followed by least internal structure damage.

**Surviving is defined as still operational whether off the board from retreat or still on the board from a team win.

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