Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ironwind Metals 2010 Painting Contest Results

The Ironwind Metals 2010 painting contest hosted on WAMP ended in early September, and clearly I did not win or I would have posted sooner. Oh well, it was my first online contest and I would like to thank the one person who voted for me—thank you. Pity party aside, the three winners really did have some very nicely painted figures. In fact, not only did they win, they took the lion’s share of the votes. You can see the results here and pictures of all 33 entries here. WAMP has contests going pretty much all year, so check them out. I would also like to thank Scrap Yard Armory for turning me on to them. The three winners are below. Click on the photos to make them larger—and to see the great detailing.

1st Place: Flashfire BattleMech by GunjiNoKanrei

2nd Place: Jabberwock by Funnymouth

3rd Place: Jaberwok by TailSpinner

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  1. I forgot to enter, though I did vote, and no I can't remember who I voted for! I'm glad that a mech won, as I feared that the competition would be dominated by fantasy figures.