Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1/300 Sci-Fi Factory Complex; Thanks Ogre

Since getting into writing about miniatures in general and Battletech specifically, I have been thoroughly checking out my favorite blogs on the subjects above—including their past content. A few months back, one post from Ogre Miniatures caught my eye. He wrote about how to use common plastic electrical boxes found in North America. I’m sure they have something similar elsewhere. He gave a great tutorial and I thought I would try making a few for myself. Check out his site here. The greatest thing I learned in doing this project, was that everyday items can make great miniature props. Let me know what you think. (Above: A Phoenix Hawk of the 14th Legion of Vega stands guard outside of the factory complex.)

Units 319 and 320 are adorned with their corporate logo; a blue/grey stripe.

The "smoke stacks" and "connecting tube"are drinking straws & the "hoses" and "antenna" are tellephone wire from my junk box. The "hose" holders are made from Milliput.

The doors are made from foam board scraps.

The "antenna tower" is made from a drywall screw holder & the large "smoke stacks" are made from things I found, but I don't know what they are.

Finally, the "solar collector" is a broken toy part from the floor of a Toys R Us. I think it's a Bakugan or something.